Giveaway! Cultivating the Sweet Life

We are giving away 3 spots in our online course, Cultivating the Sweet Life! Valued at $149 each, this course is a combination of transformational teachings, self-awareness exercises, restorative self-care practices, luscious raw recipes & community support.

We wanted to make our course available to a few women who otherwise couldn’t afford it.  We are so excited to welcome 3 new members to our class community that’s been filling up with glowing women from around the country. It’s such an honor to be able to bring a group together all around the topic of living more nourished, extraordinary lives!


Three lucky winners will receive the Cultivating the Sweet Life core package:

  • 4 In-Depth Weekly Workbooks
  • 4 Weekly Recipe Books
  • 4 Weekly Group Q&A Sessions
  • Evolutionary Partnership Groups
  • Access to Our Private Online Community


Here’s how to WIN:

1.  Share a link to Cultivating the Sweet Life on Facebook.
Leave a comment on this blog post telling us you did it. Please include your Facebook name plus one positive intention you have for your life at this time.

You can share the following or your own inspired words:

Extraordinary lives don’t just happen. They are Cultivated. Crafted. Nourished. Join us in Cultivating the Sweet Life.

For additional bonus entries, up to 7 total:

1.  Share a link to Cultivating the Sweet Life on Twitter. Leave a comment on this blog post telling us you did it, including your Twitter handle plus one positive intention you have for your life at this time (if you haven’t already done so).

You can share the following or your own inspired words:

Extraordinary lives are Cultivated. Crafted. Nourished. Join @NourishRadiance in Cultivating the Sweet Life.

2.  Share a post on your blog about Cultivating the Sweet Life for 5  bonus entries! Leave us a comment with a link to your blog post & leave 4 extra comments identifying them as “bonus entries for blog post”.

The giveaway ends on Monday, March 19th at 9am eastern time. The lucky winners will be chosen randomly and announced Monday here on the blog and on our Facebook page.

We thank you for playing along and wish you all the best of luck!

With love,
Melissa & Natalia


46 Responses to “Giveaway! Cultivating the Sweet Life”

  1. Inna says:

    Just shared on my twitter page :) I am @spichka123 on Twitter.

  2. Maria Fay says:

    I just posted/shared the link on Facebook.

    My FB name is Daisy Fay.

    I’m presently addressing my emotional eating patterns and needing support with practicing better self care.

    I intend to be open to all the possibilities!

    Thank you!

  3. I’d be honored to win a “scholarship” to the course! This is definitely something I could benefit from right now in my life.

    I shared the link on Facebook (and tagged you, Natalia!). I’ll be sharing on Twitter and my blog as well and will come back to leave more comments. Thanks for this opportunity!

  4. I tweeted for you @TheVerdantLife :)

  5. 1/4 bonus entry for blog post

  6. 2/4 bonus entry for blog post

  7. 3/4 bonus entry for blog post

  8. 4/4 bonus entry for blog post

    Thanks again for this opportunity, ladies!

  9. rachel says:

    shared on facebook :) my fb name is rachel caldwell.
    one positive intention for my life is to become more comfortable in my body. i’ve always dealt with being self-conscious about my looks and how i must look to others. i’m ready to get over that and be happy with who i am and how i look. am also working towards exercising more and eating as healthily as possible to help make that happen :)

  10. Laci says:

    I posted on FB! (Laci Hodges) oh my gosh i would LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to win! crossing fingers and jumping up and down with my raised hands!! PICK ME PICK ME! ;)

  11. rachel says:

    just tweeted, name is grimconfetti

  12. Miriam says:

    I shared on Facebook (Miriam Carl).

    My intention at this time is bringing more:

    joy &

    into my life.

    : )

  13. Miriam says:

    Hi again,

    I shared a link on Twitter. My username is @aprilskies22 (Miriam Carl)

    Thank you for doing this giveaway!!

  14. Missy says:

    Just tweeted! @crunchygrocer

  15. Kelly says:

    Just shared your link on facebook. My FB name is Kelly Roy.

  16. Lou says:

    I shared on facebook…. Lou Dwan

    My intention at this time is to focus on positivity and passion over frustration and anger :)

  17. Annette says:

    I shared the link on Facebook and I would adore to win! Thanks for offering!

  18. Stephanie says:

    Hi! I shared a link on facebook. My name on facebook is すてふにい ちゃん. I would love to be able to take part in this fantastic course!

  19. Mariel says:

    shared the link on my facebook page :) Name is Mariel Cuddihee ;) i would love to learn more on proper nourishment, and what that means

  20. Ladies, this sounds simply wonderful. As a raw chef, I feel like I have the nutrition part down…but it’s the rest of the equation I’m missing. I have a lot of trouble with self-love, forgiveness, and relaxation…I would absolutely love the opportunity to participate in your course. <3

    I shared on FB!

  21. I tweeted, too – @almostveganchef

  22. nina beana says:

    posted the link on my private facebook group for juicing/smoothies/raw foods! this sounds absolutely amazing.

  23. Nadine A Tonnn says:

    Hello Ladies! I just posted the Nourishing Our Radiance course info. on FB. I am also happy to report that another spring has sprung here in the north! I would love to attend the online workshop as a celebration of my inner strength and perseverance. However, as we all know, a little encouragement goes a long way, and connecting with like-minded women is just what I need to continue nourishing my own spirit. Nadine A Tonn

  24. rachel says:

    just blogged, and a link to your course is at the bottom of the post :)

  25. rachel says:

    bonus entry 2/5

  26. rachel says:

    bonus entry 3/5

  27. rachel says:

    bonus entry 4/5

  28. rachel says:

    bonus entry 5/5!

  29. Jaimee says:

    Hi…..just posted the link……Jaimee Hart.

    I’m currently struggling with trying to change a life time of habitual eating to better eating habits!!

    Love your work :)

  30. Sara H says:

    Shared on FB under Sara Heggie, don’t have any of the other stuff.
    My intention is: I choose to believe I will be vibrantly healthy & happy

  31. Stephanie says:

    Well.. I don’t have a Twitter or a Blog so here’s to my One Entry! I have faith <3 :) Well, my main concern at this point in time is Health.. The practice of and the teaching of! Since I have two small girls my own habits and practices are going to reflect so much on them. My focus is to live as Raw and clean as possible and to perhaps assist so many people in the process. With the right tools and the right direction of Heart anything can be attained. I do live as much of a Raw lifestyle as possible but feel this void I'm not able to fill in with what I'm doing… You can say I am in SEARCH of what is and what isn't <3 Raw living is attainable with the help of people, friends, blogs, family, research, practice and most of all LOVE!! !~<3 I LOVE each and every person who even mildly attempts to eat healthy and raw and all those who are here attempting to take a course in which they all feel will better their own lives :)
    I Wish the Best Of Luck To Everyone Here~<3
    Stephanie Loa (*Facebook account'er*)

  32. Stephanie says:

    P.S. I Did share on Facebook.. Spread the word at work and anyone really I have talked to!
    (*Stephanie Loa*)~<3

  33. Judith says:

    Wow! what an amazing give-away! I did of course share the link on facebook (fb name judith fernes). As a student I can unfortunately not afford your course at the moment, but I feel the need to take a step back and focus on my health, because the last six months have been quite stressful. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed :-)

    My positive intention is, to change the world a little bit, every day and not to give up trying.

  34. Donna says:

    I just shared this on facebook. My facebook name is Donna Ashdown

    One positive thing i wish to do with my life is to continue with Yoga and add meditation to that. What a wonderful thing you are doing for those who wouldn’t be able to afford this.

  35. dev bry says:

    devorah bry (dev)
    i intend to to begin my days with a practice of sound and movement and breath in order to more fully inhabit this loving body of mine!
    i’d be delight to join you for the journey…

  36. Ariane says:

    Just shared the link on Facebook (already 1 like!)
    Many intentions for that short time on earth. Mainly to always grow in consciousness and help others do the same :)
    Facebook :

  37. Bridget Priest says:

    I posted your link to my facebook page: bridget priest. I am very interested in being part of your course and I am low on funds.
    One positive intention I have for my life at this time is to clear out and become aware of old and current pains and fears, and to meet them so that they don’t control my life and I can live with more intimacy and joy instead of fear and sadness. Better nutrition is part of my strategy as I tend to get stuck in unhealthy and unconscious patterns.

  38. Tracy Carter says:

    I posted on Facebook Tracy Sevolet Carter Jackson is my name my intention is to learn how to cultivate and norish myself so that I can be fully present for my children and so i can cultivate others . I also posted on twitter @kolormegreen is twitter name thank you for the opportunity

  39. Kari larson says:

    I posted the link on my facebook…Kari Larson!!! So excited!

  40. Kari larson says:

    I posted the link to your course on my blog
    This is a year of total transformation for me and so many others…This is an incredible gift you ladies are offering!