Luminary Profile: Aarona Pichinson

Aarona Pichinson is a dedicated teacher and guide, sharing dynamic yoga classes in NYC, creating weekly Yoga Soundscape events and hosting adventurous retreats for inspired students across the globe. We are deeply inspired by Aarona’s dedication to true body & soul nourishment and her ability to blend vigor with grace both on and off the mat.


If you could share a piece of wisdom or comfort with a younger version of yourself, what would it be?

  • stop being so hard on yourself.
  • it is okay to be seen and heard.
  • it is okay to be beautiful, powerful, and vulnerable – all wrapped up in one.
  • consistency and persistence brings your dreams to life, let your imagination soar.
  • your body wants you to love her deeply, and this practice of self-love has an uplifting impact on those around you.
  • you are beyond taken care of and have an amazing posse of angels and guides backing you up every step of the way!

What is the simplest change you’ve made in your life that has had the biggest positive impact?

  • cutting gluten out of my diet
  • using journals to organize my thoughts, ideas, and insights
  • saying yes to opportunities that excite me, even if logically it didn’t fully make sense at the time

What foods & practices are essential to your wellbeing? 

    • Green juice daily.
    • Vigorous and aligning yoga, 5 Rhythms dance, a bit of cardio, and some core work. The exact amount of each depends on my work load and hormonal phase, yet I function best mentally and emotionally when I take time for my body daily.
    • Organizing my creative ideas and visions.
    • Listening to my body when it comes to food choices. I’m always exploring what works most optimally for me. Basically I keep it whole and seasonal, plus juices and smoothies throughout every season.
    • Making a big pot of tea brewed with an assortment of immune boosting/body vitalizing/earth loving herbs. This brew will last a few days. And makes my home smell amazing! Some of my fave herbs and goodies to play with: lemon balm, cats claw, pau d’arco, ashwaganda, astragalus, chaga, cinnamon sticks, vanilla bean)
    • Clean drinking water. I order Mountain Valley Spring Water which comes in awesome 5 gallon glass jugs and fit perfectly in my ceramic dispenser.
    • Digestive enzymes and a rotation of supplements and superfoods.
    • Working with various types of body workers to help me relax, realign, or better understand my system.
    • No matter how tired I am, I floss nightly, clean my face and top it off with facial oils around eyes, face and neck. It started off as a ‘personal ritual challenge’ and has stuck.
    • A good nights sleep.

 What experiences nourish your soul when you’re feeling depleted?  

  • dancing til I sweat and drop.
  • a balance of vigorous and restorative yoga.
  • traveling to epic places outside of NYC where I’m reminded of my spontaneous flowing nature.
  • lighting candles, putting on amazing music, rolling out my yoga mat, and seeing what happens.
  • spending time with my closest girlfriends (gawd I love them).
  • barefoot hiking and absorbing myself in nature
  • doing a mini cleanse and coming back to basics when things feel awry
  • steam/sauna
  • TED talks


What are you passionate about sharing with the world? 

I really love this quote by Howard Thurman: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

I want to encourage people to live from a place of inspiration, imagination, and aliveness. These are the things that fill me up and have saved me throughout life. We can apply these three words to just about everything and anything. I curate experiences for people that bring these things to life and inspire them to be more in tune with their spirit, with the needs of their personal chemistry, and with that part of their being that sparkles. I want women and men to build strength and flexibility in their body and mind so that they can navigate life with an internal quality of surrendered focus and better understand how to shape energy within and around them. I also facilitate workshops and circles specifically for women.

Ways that I do this: Through teaching yoga classes and empowering workshops that encourage/challenge students to feel all of their senses and build confidence in their body and breath, even when discomfort arises. My weekly ‘Yoga Soundscape’ events where phenomenal musicians and artists perform live as I lead an insightful and rejuvenating yoga class. And global adventure yoga retreats where participants step out of their usual perspective and reclaim the joy, health, and magic that is abundantly available to them. Stay tuned for some big surprise projects coming up!

My next exciting retreats are Epic Eden Hot Springs in Arizona May 2-6, and Yoga in the Midnight Sun in Iceland June 30-July 8. Both of them are a glorious taste of delicious magic at it’s best. I’m also teaching at Wanderlust Vermont this year June 21-24! Plus yoga classes just about every day in NYC.

Connect with Aarona:

Yoga of Nourishment

Born in Los Angeles and relocating several times while growing up, Aarona’s life was shaped by a wide array of experiences, people, and places which tinted her love for adventure and travel, and put her on a continual (sweet) search for balance. In her vigorously graceful classes, global retreats, one-on-one coaching sessions, and empowering workshops, Aarona is a thoughtful and inspiring guide. She encourages people to be more in tune with the strength and energetic alignment of their body, the brilliant spaciousness of their breath, the spontaneous nature of wellbeing, and the power of feeling their senses – so they can bring this heightened self-awareness into every cell and every aspect of their life. Through her weekly music/yoga event “Yoga Soundscape” and an upcoming multi-media sensoryscape yoga project, Aarona has a refreshing creative touch and ability to merge communities in the yoga and art world. Currently based in NYC, Aarona has a thriving teaching career that she’s evolving daily. She teaches at Kula Yoga Project, YogaWorks, Park Slope Yoga, and Reebok Sports Club, plus works with people privately. She’s been featured in the New York Times, Elephant Journal, FitYoga, Yoga Journal, Well+Good NYC, AlignYo, AnitaGoa, and Co-Creator Radio.

photos by Hannah Thiem


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  1. N. Bedouin says:

    The ways in which we forget to take care of ourselves! This is enormous, just in being able to share that, the simple little things that bring peace, and equanimity to one’s day, the way we put down worries and allow ourselves little cat naps through out the day. I feel like this nourishment, the things we can do, without guilt, without fear, are the key to illuminating that which is most dear and essential to the lives we lead. Thanks girl.

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