Luminary Profile: Indigo Bacal

Indigo Bacal is the founder of the WILDE Tribe—Women of Inspired Leadership Devoted to Evolution. She inspires and empowers women to reclaim their voices and give birth to their visions. We are deeply inspired by the depth and beauty of Indigo’s work and her dedication to our collective evolution. 

If you could share a piece of wisdom or comfort with a younger version of yourself, what would it be?

If I could, I’d go back and have a visit with myself in my 20’s, and tell her quite bluntly: The grass is only greener where you water it. Nothing grows without consistent care and love, and the most important things that we create in life are born through a combination of fierce commitment and mountains of courage. I would tell her to enjoy the exploration and celebrate the potentiality of the twenties, because once fulfillment comes ~ big responsibilities come along with it.

I often wish that I could go back in time to Menarche and midwife myself into womanhood in a RED TENT. I would share the secrets of femininity with my 12 year old self, I would celebrate her opulently, offer her RED gifts, bring the wise women of the community together to massage that ripening body. I would tell my budding female self exactly how to care for and honor the Blood Mysteries and how to FLOW WITH THE MOON in a good, beautiful, and true way. I would share with her/me, the herbs and practices that create balance and enhance feminine power so that she wouldn’t suffer needlessly throughout her early adulthood with cramps and PMS. I would Initiate myself in the most loving and caring way and create a space where the shame of puberty could be brought into the light and washed clean away. I would give myself what I deserved at that precious time in my life but never had. 

I would break the spell.


What is the simplest change you’ve made in your life that has had the biggest positive impact?
Indigo Bacal

Commitment. Throughout my early adulthood I had a sense of my own power, my potential, and my purpose, but I had a hard time committing to any one path, place, or community. I was a gypsy traveler.

Moving to Boulder, Colorado 8 years ago changed my life forever. I assumed that of course, I would only be here for a short time to explore and experience, but the mountains have kept me here and have taught me how to steady my passions, grow my inspirations over time, and how to reap the abundant blessings of a life that is rooted in an evolving spiritual community.

I’m beginning to understand now, that the way is within.    


What foods & practices are essential to your wellbeing?

I change the way I eat in rhythm with the seasons of the year and the feminine cycles of my body, using my intuition to guide the way. I also have a daily practice that I’ve been doing for over 10 years. {Before I became a mama this was a 3 hour practice, but since my daughter came along it’s reduced down to 30 precious minutes most mornings.}

My daily practice is a combination of Yoga, breathing exercises, self-massage, divination, prayer, and singing sacred songs. I know it sounds like a lot for 30 minutes! But it’s amazing how deep we can go with ourselves when we give just a little time EVERY day to connect with the spirit, clear the mind, and nurture the body.

I give myself time out of time almost every day to honor this precious life
, body, and being. 


What experiences nourish your soul when you’re feeling depleted?  

SLEEP! Going to bed early when I’m feeling down is the best medicine!

Time alone in nature somewhere where I won’t see another human always brings me back home myself. The trees are my friends and fresh air is so rejuvenating. <>Massaging my feet with Shea Butter + therapeutic grade essential oils helps alleviate overwhelm. <>Brewing my own home-made herbal tea blend and adding a teaspoon of ghee calms my nerves.<> Singing ancient sacred songs helps me turn any emotion into devotion!

I also have a funny habit of cooking potatoes when I feel sad, which has a wonderful calming effect. 

…And then, more sleep!


What are you passionate about sharing with the world? 

As women, we embody the creative force of evolution. We birth miracles every moment of every day. Joined together, we can create anything! We are living in a time of great transition and the opportunity for a SHIFT {both personally and collectively} is apparent.
So, what are we going to CREATE?


Together, the Inspired Female Leaders of the world {That’s YOU + ME} can create a WILDLY beautiful new world ~ a world where the common inspiration is to create, grow, protect, and celebrate all that is wildly beautiful both within ourselves and in the world around us.

I believe that a new day is coming,
 but it’s only as real as we make it ~ in our own lives every day. 
Together, let’s befriend our fears, gather our courage, and give birth to our deepest inspiration!

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Indigo BacalIndigo Bacal is founder of the WILDE Tribe, midwife of feminine magic, beauty devotee, hearth mama, fierce mover, soulful shaker, and believer in miracles. 
She serves creative + powerful women who know that they’re here to make a positive impact on the world around them. She awakens everyday feminine magic to reclaim ordinary pleasures, restore vitality, and stoke passionate inspiration. As a “midwife”, she supports Inspired Female Leaders to bring their bold voices and beautiful visions into the world. Her offerings include hip-swaying, soul-stirring live events, radically supportive deep dives for individuals and groups, and wildly beautiful web-based global rituals.
She lives in beautiful Boulder, CO with her devoted and WILD husband + their spirited 5 year old daughter. They celebrate life regularly with their beloved community ~ a group of courageous, creative folks who are fiercely committed to individual and collective evolution. Indigo is currently apprenticing with a Colombian shaman to be humbled by the power of the indigenous plant medicine of the Putumayo region and to learn the potent secrets of her own soul. 

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