Luminary Profile: Sue Ann Gleason

Sue Ann GleasonSue Ann Gleason is a culinary nutritionist, nourishment counselor, speaker, and writer. She is the founder of Conscious Bites Nutrition and Chocolate for Breakfast. We’ve been so inspired by Sue Ann’s insights into nutrition and the psychology of eating.


If you could share a piece of wisdom or comfort with a younger version of yourself, what would it be? 

Wow, this is such a thought-provoking question. For as long as I can remember I have been a chronic over achiever. I now call myself a chronic and “recovering” over achiever. I would tell myself, “Sweetie, slow down, study a little less, play a lot more. Read a book because it makes you laugh or captivates you with delicious words. Write more poetry. Dance.”


What is the simplest change you’ve made in your life that has had the biggest positive impact? 

Slowing down and paying attention to the energy leaks in my life. What drains me? Am I saying yes when I should be saying no? What feeds me? Am I spending time with people who deplete my energy or am I cultivating relationships with people who inspire me and make me laugh? Do I have solid boundaries when it comes to family or work responsibilities?

I am making a conscious effort to slow down and live the life of a well-nourished woman. I want to practice what I preach.


What foods & practices are essential to your wellbeing? 

I flood my body with nourishing foods on a daily basis: green smoothies, green juices, lots of fruit and fresh vegetables both raw and steamed. I snack on nuts and seeds, cacao nibs and really good chocolate. For exercise, I find things I LOVE to do: a bike ride in the open air, a walk on the C&O canal or through Meadowlark Gardens. I move my body with pleasure and gratitude. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I dance.


What experiences nourish your soul when you’re feeling depleted?  

I try to stay grounded in self-care so that I don’t become depleted. For me that means: EAT, PLAY, SLEEP.

EAT: I prepare elegantly easy meals and I eat them with pleasure.

PLAY: I take a mini MEcation every single day. This practice can take many forms but it has to be at least twenty minutes and it has to have a playful energy:

a play date in my kitchen

a play date in my garden

a play date with my new set of watercolor paints

: I honor my body’s sleep rhythms. For me that means getting to bed at a reasonable hour, no alarm clock, and no caffeine to “jump start” my day.

I also make a concentrated effort to fill my world with wise and wonderful women. I am blessed with deeply nourishing friendships.


What are you passionate about sharing with the world? 

Sue Ann GleasonI have a delicious dream
it’s wrapped in
a deeply passionate desire to see
women embracing food

and their bodies

women giving themselves
permission to indulge
in pleasurable activities

Like spoiling themselves rotten
evoking the rascal within
eating chocolate for breakfast
and taking back their plates,
one luscious bite at a time

You see, I believe food heals
not just at a biological level
I believe food heals
the spirit

I believe we have been spending
far too much time
taking food
of our diets

And not nearly enough time
of the food we eat

I believe we should eat only
what we can savor

And that we should begin
with chocolate

Connect with Sue Ann:

love what you eat
Sue Ann Gleason, founder of Conscious Bites Nutrition, is a Washington, DC-based culinary nutritionist, nourishment counselor, speaker, and writer. Her entertaining, cutting-edge articles on nutrition, the psychology of eating and the blissful benefits of chocolate have appeared in various publications as well as her own eco-friendly blog:
Be sure to check out her new line of chocolate: the cluster, the bar, and the bite, created in collaboration with Meredith Cohrs of MC2 Confections.
Or, join the fun on her fan page … where pleasure meets permission.


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  1. Kimby says:

    Melissa and Natalia, I enjoyed your interview with Sue Ann Gleason. Your questions (and her answers) showed a gentle, thoughtful, nurturing mindset. Sue Ann, your Inner Circle video was a delight and your advice to the “younger you” could apply to anyone at any age! This was a beautiful, refreshing start to my day. Thank you!

  2. What a lovely interview, and to see the beautiful. gentle soul of Sue Ann radiating throughout. I love her concept of taking a MEvacation each and every day. It’s so important to step away from all the “doing” to “be” and enjoy life. Sue Ann, you are an inspiration. Thank you.

  3. Shanna says:

    An interview with one of my absolutely favorite women–Sue Ann Gleason! What an inspiration she is. I watch and learn much from her. She radiates and embodies the life well lived and loved. Plus, have you tried her chocolate? It is the best!

    Thanks for the thoughtful interview–looking forward to more from you and from Sue Ann!

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