Wild Free Beautiful You :: An Invitation

The moon is full, and you begin to feel that pull. You know the one – the one that calls your heart into communion with your sacred tribe. In this space, you meet women who are like you, but different in a way that you want to understand.

You walk closer towards the gathering…silhouetted bodies illuminated by the tendrils of flames coming from the fire. First you hear the drums, and then you feel them; the percussive beats enter your body and resonate with deep, insistent passion. This feeling is what you are missing and what sets the other dancing, whirling, chanting, goddess women apart. The exuberance with which they move and speak is exhilarating to watch and intoxicating to feel. Something you deeply want to feel.

To live in the rhythm of the earth is to be immersed in both rebirth and release. Every rhythm opens up new possibilities for connection and growth with other goddesses reaching out for the shift in consciousness that leads to personal empowerment and deep fulfillment. There’s a reason why generations of women have gathered under its benevolent and nourishing gaze. She restores, refills, and reinvigorates the souls of the undulating bodies joined beneath her in the timeless ritual of worship and renewal.

Starting on the Full Moon of October 29th , for 15 days, you are invited to participate in a singularly sacred FREE GLOBAL ONLINE experience. Under nurturing guidance you will open to your deepest dreams and desires. Wild Free Beautiful You this is a way of reinscribing your commitment to yourself – your nurturance in the arms of your sisters, your self-love practice. It’s a vehicle for change and stepping boldly into your highest untamed, liberated, empowered, and beautiful self.

Do you have a dream you want to set free in the world?

An unanswered question?

A big and beautiful feeling to let out?

Do you want to reclaim yourself. Shed the layers. Dig deeper. Break open. Manifest your real self. Be inspired, untamed, and turned on.

Are you ready to ignite and immerse yourself in the healing fire inside of you?

Are you ready to be so filled up with brilliant, wild, untamed light that it overflows into your whole life?

Are you ready to be Wild, Free, Beautiful You?

That’s who I see. Wild, Free, Beautiful You. You are my tribe. I am your sister. We dance together around the fire in the moonlight of a thousand nights and a million more to come. The flaming tendrils shine light on our face and inspire the fire in our hearts.

I want to share this journey with you.

We are the ones who might:

  • Feel trapped and tired but KNOW we were born WILD and thrive living close to the EDGE!
  • Feel stuck and out-of-our-body but KNOW we secretly listen to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” on the way to shake down our kundalini at hot yoga!
  • Feel disconnected from ourself and others but KNOW we care deeply…viscerally and can meditate on world peace while chopping strawberries naked with a flower in our hair!
  • Feel passion is out of our reach but KNOW Mama Earth is our willing partner in bringing potent pleasure to our sexy hips turning us on from the inside out/to our life’s work!
  • Feel uninspired but KNOW we can make tea that would heal the whole world while the sensual sounds we make drinking/smelling it inspires anyone listening to hang on our every sip!
  • Feel sick, overweight or just blah but KNOW we could hula hoop, booty dance and nosh on succulent sweet oranges and organic avocados with endless pleasure!
  • Feel rigid and stiff in body and mind but KNOW we can shake those goddess hips like no other and imagine ourself into a decadent and peaceful wonderland!
  • Feel broken hearted and defeated but KNOW our love is big enough to rock babies in orphanages all around the world into a serene slumber and wake every morning with a sparkle/faerie dust in our eye and a flame in your heart!
  • Feel like something’s missing but KNOW we have a vision that could shake the pants off the world and clarity to execute it with the fluidity and grace of a mermaid!

Join me and 22 incredible guiding goddesses as we make this journey together. We’ll learn from each other, we’ll share our dreams, our goals, our fears, our secrets for success. Each guiding goddess will lead us in a profound monologue that will rattle you to your core and set you on fire with their raw honesty. Are you ready to learn from the visionaries and lightworkers  around you and set your wild, free, beautiful life on fire?

Sign up now. Starting on the full moon, October 29-Nov 16.

This global online event will help you transform heartache into inspiration, sickness into untamed vitality, and fear into an earth shattering, mind blowing, turned on life that leaves everyone around you ignited by, well, you!

Take a deep breath and feel the waves of change move from your heart through your throat and into your finger tips, alive in your soul. Feel your body shake as your inner goddess comes alive. Allow the force of sacred feminine energy all around you to rise up within you. We are here for you!

You are alive. You are the future. The nurturers of the earth. The caregivers of peace. You are a goddess.

We have designed this journey to reach the goddess hiding inside all of us: the one who says yes, the one who screams no, the one who feels life bubbling and stirring her to her core, and the one who is not ashamed to dance naked in the night wind.

She’s in there. And I can’t wait to meet her.

Willow Love is a Holistic Visionary from Los Angeles who has been midwifing the spirits and empowering the bodies of women all over the world through her Holistic Signature Programs and Blessingway Ceremonies. Willow is masterful at awakening the Divine Nature in powerful women and ushering in (holding space for) the abundance, vitality and juiciest, transformations of all the those whom she inspires, loves!

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