Luminary Profile: Michelle Ward


Michelle Ward, aka the When I Grow Up Coach has taken creative career coaching to a new level! When she’s not helping her private & group clients turn their passions into lucrative careers, she’s strumming her ukulele and singing songs that we can’t get out of our heads. We absolutely love her contagious positivity & […]

Simple Spring Cleanse

Simple Spring Cleanse

Happy Spring! As the weather begins to warm up, Spring can be a great time to cleanse your body from the heavy foods and more inactive pace of the cozy winter. Participating in a juice fast or master cleanse, or eating a raw food diet can be a quick and effective way to deeply cleanse […]

Giveaway! Karina Louise Photography: Shine Online


If you think you aren’t photogenic, Karina Louise is about to change your mind. Karina is passionate about helping people see how beautiful they really are, and she’s really good at what she does. For many of us, when the camera lens is pointed in our direction, we become self-conscious and unnatural. When we tense up, […]

Luminary Profile: Tara Sophia Mohr


Tara Sophia Mohr is a writer, coach and teacher who embodies a rare combination of intellectual brilliance and deep, intuitive wisdom. She is a true luminary in the field of women’s leadership. Her teachings have personally inspired us to bring our work into the world in a bigger way.   If you could share a […]

8 Ways to Nourish Your Soul

Nourish Your Soul

We can all survive with very little self-care, but when we’re running on empty, we can’t thrive. Our deeper unmet needs will eventually lead to a lack of vitality. If your soul is feeling a bit undernourished, I invite you to take some time for yourself this weekend… time to slow down, relax and do […]

Giveaway! Cultivating the Sweet Life


We are giving away 3 spots in our online course, Cultivating the Sweet Life! Valued at $149 each, this course is a combination of transformational teachings, self-awareness exercises, restorative self-care practices, luscious raw recipes & community support. We wanted to make our course available to a few women who otherwise couldn’t afford it.  We are so […]

Luminary Profile: Elena Brower


Elena Brower is a woman who shines in more areas than we can count! As a yoga teacher (the founder of Virayoga), writer, mother, creator of the essential oil fragrance GIVE, meditation film producer and more, she has been inspiring individuals across the entire globe with her heartfelt and practical teachings. We are deeply honored to share her […]

Nourished Travels

chipotle hummus

I’ve been on the road for almost two weeks, living out of suitcases, spending lots of time in the car, exploring, working, learning…and of course, eating! I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard from others that when traveling, fast food is the only option. People often ask me how I keep up with […]

Giveaway! Get Glowing, Nourished Skin with Annmarie Gianni Skin Care

Annmarie Gianni Skin Care

What you feed your skin is just as important as what you feed your body. Your skin absorbs everything you put on it, so what do you want to absorb—toxic chemicals or healing herbs?  I am head over heals in love Annmarie Gianni’s line of organic, natural & wildcrafted skincare. Her products truly nourish your […]

Luminary Profile: Jessica Ainscough


Jessica Ainscough was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of cancer at 22. She took her health into her hands, made some radical lifestyle changes, and today she is thriving. We are so inspired by Jessica & we think you will be, too. If you could share a piece of wisdom or comfort with a […]


Reclaiming the Wisdom of Your Belly

:: Reclaiming the Wisdom of Your Belly :: Almost every woman I know has an emotionally charged relationship with her belly. Whether we are a size 4 or 14, most of us objectify & judge our bellies on a regular basis. How do you think all of this judgment & stress impacts our digestion, health […]

Giveaway! “I ♡ Kale” Necklace from Christy Robinson Designs

ohh I really love kale

We’re so excited to share another sweet giveaway with you! This week we have a lovely I ♡ Kale necklace from Christy Robinson Designs. I bought this necklace the very same day I learned about Christy’s earth & animal friendly jewelry designs. Christy turned a line I speak almost daily into a fashionable piece that […]

Luminary Profile: Hannah Marcotti


Hannah Marcotti is a beautiful writer, coach & mother of three. We’ve been inspired by her passion & dedication to helping women create more gorgeous lives. If you could share a piece of wisdom or comfort with a younger version of yourself, what would it be? My younger self looks at her body and feels it […]

Embracing Winter with Hot Cacao

Embracing Winter

  Are you a winter lover or…not so much?  I must admit, it’s never been my favorite season.  I’m not a big fan of funky weather, being cold or layering clothes.  But the seasons are a part of our beautiful, natural world and I think it’s important to find ways to embrace parts of each […]

Giveaway! Hyland’s Homeopathy Baby Gift Basket

Hyland's Baby Basket Giveaway

We have another amazing giveaway this week! This week’s prize is a gift basket with all this goodness from Hyland’s Homeopathy! These homeopathic remedies work through gently stimulating the body’s own defense mechanisms, unlike traditional over-the-counter medicines that just suppress symptoms. I am a big fan of Hyland’s and I recommend their products to all of my friends […]

Luminary Profile: Jessica Swift


Meet Jessica Swift—an amazingly talented artist with a new line of whimsical rain boots, colorful iPhone cases (that have recently landed themselves on the shelves of Nordstrom), and a green smoothie habit! We LOVE her vibrant creativity & her quirky, iconic style.  We think you will love her, too.   If you could share a […]

Loving Kindness + Living Foods


Most of us were not raised on green juices & green smoothies. I personally grew up on a diet of mostly processed food. Lots of high fructose corn syrup & mysterious ingredients with names that I still can’t pronounce. Back then, “healthy” meant Diet Coke & Lean Cuisine. Here’s the thing—when we grow up stuffing ourselves […]

Giveaway! Coconut Secret & Cupcake Heaven

White Chocolate Rose Cupcake

We’re kicking off our launch with a handful of amazing giveaways from companies that we absolutely LOVE! Today we have a delicious dessert gift pack from Coconut Secret.  I have been a fan of their innovative raw coconut products since they hit the market.  When I began working on Cupcake Heaven (my second book) it was […]

Winter Immune Boost

Winter Immune Boost

Are you one of those people that never gets sick or one that seems to get hit with every bug that’s floating around? In my life, I’ve been both.  I used to get sick all of the time, catching almost every little cold & virus that I was exposed to.  One of the biggest benefits […]

Practicing Kindness

Cultivating Kindness

“We cannot change anything unless we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.” ~ Carl Jung In my experience, harsh judgment has not been an effective strategy for producing anything other than pain. When we get caught in the downward spiral of self-criticism, we quickly lose touch with our power and resourcefulness. We collapse […]