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Extraordinary lives don’t just happen. They are Cultivated. Crafted. Nourished.

Cultivating the Sweet Life is an in-depth online program for women who are ready to transform their relationship to self-care in a truly holistic way that addresses both the body and soul.

When you care for your body and soul with genuine love and respect, you remember what it feels like to shine. Your life becomes what it was meant to be—a radiant gift to this world.

  • falling back into old, unhealthy patterns when you get stressed
  • choosing foods that numb rather than nourish
  • cycling through phases of feeling overwhelmed, depleted and stretched thin
  • getting overwhelmed by relationship stress, self-criticism, and outside pressures
  • losing your connection to your inner strength, purpose & creativity

  • Experience the profound difference that happens when you nourish your body with foods that are full of vitality and practice restorative self-care
  • Reignite your vibrant glow
  • Illuminate your blind spots.  Understand and transform the core patterns that keep you from fully realizing your radiance and power
  • Cleanse and detoxify without deprivation
  • Develop self-care practices that keep you feeling truly nourished, cared for and connected to your core essence
  • Learn to prepare beautiful, emotionally satisfying, nutrient dense healthy meals 
using local, organic, seasonal produce
  • Develop skillful ways to stay grounded, resourceful and resilient in difficult situations
  • Set clear boundaries and protect what is sacred to you
  • feel a sense of belonging with a like-minded community of visionary women

Together, we set out on a 28 day quest to reignite your radiance on every level.

  • 4 WEEKLY TELECLASSES  Join Melissa Geiger, M.A. and our team of Guest Experts on the live calls each Tuesday at 11am PST. Can’t make the calls? No worries- just download the call recordings and listen at your convenience.
  • 4 BEAUTIFUL, IN-DEPTH WEEKLY WORKBOOKS to facilitate a deep shift in your relationship to nourishment and self-care
  • RECIPES & TIPS FROM TALENTED CHEFS & NUTRITIONISTS to make healthy food preparation easy, luscious and sustainable
  • OPTIONAL SMALL GROUPS: the opportunity to work in small evolutionary partnership groups for support & connection throughout the journey
  • ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY where you can connect with a community of like-minded women who are on the same journey

Week 1: Preparation

Shining Light in Dark Places 

Mapping the Territory
Understanding Patterns & Cycles
Conscious Nourishment
Establishing a Personal Practice

Guest Expert: Brooke Kaufman on “Setting Yourself Up for Success”

Week 2: Purification

Awakening and Releasing

Understanding Resistance to Change
Transforming Self-Sabotaging Beliefs & Behaviors
Letting Go of Old Stories & Identities
Protecting What is Sacred

Guest Expert: Kristen Kancler on “Kicking Your Sugar Habit”

Week 3: Initiation 

Returning Home to Our Radiant Essence

Coming Home to Yourself
Rewiring for Radiance: The Neurobiology of Transformation
Recovering a Sense of Resilience & Resourcefulness
Cultivating Inner Stability

Guest Expert: Talya Lutzker on “Ayurveda & Your Body Type”

Week 4: Integration

Aligning Our Actions With Our Visions and Values

Integration: The Foundation of Integrity
Alignment, Ease & Inner Alchemy
Sustainable Radiance: Shining Your Light Without Burning Out
Actualization: Embodying Your Truth

Guest Expert: Rebecca Bass-Ching, MFT on Dieting Dangers & The Non-Diet Philosophy

Melissa Geiger, M.A. is the Director of Nourishing Our Radiance. She is passionate about giving women the tools they need to realize new depths of radiance, resilience and resourcefulness.

She holds a Masters degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Her clinical background includes training in Interpersonal Neurobiology, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Expressive Arts Therapy and Somatic Psychology. Her work is a synthesis of these different approaches to healing and transformation.

Melissa is currently in private practice in Berkeley, CA. She teaches mind-body wellness workshops throughout California and leads all of our online programs.

Kristen Kancler is a Reformed Pastry Chef turned Holistic Nutrition Coach, Emotional Eating Expert, and Natural Foods Chef.

She works with women who are ready to kick their sugar cravings once and for all through her fun, integrated, and customized programs. She is passionate about helping women release the cravings, the obsession, the guilt, and the weight that accompany sugar addiction.

Kristen is a graduate of UCSB and the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health. She is a contributing writer at Bliss.com and a former Health and Wellness Writer and Editor for Glam Media, the largest global online news outlet for women.

Brooke Kaufman is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant who creates customized meal plans for her clients with multiple food allergies and intolerances, and for those who are on the GAPS diet.

She enjoys helping people eat nourishing food that is easy to prepare and tastes delicious. She believes that having food allergies and intolerances can be a positive challenge that inspires creativity, and brings a higher level of awareness when it comes to what you put in your body. Brooke believes that when we deeply nourish ourselves inside and out, we can attain optimal health…which includes healing our damaged and inflamed digestive systems.

Brooke received her nutrition education at Bauman College, and has learned through her own personal experience with food intolerances, she also works as a cleanse coach for Cleanse Organic.

Talya Lutzker is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Chef and Yoga Instructor. She is the author of The Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen.

Talya blends ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern nutrition to give women the skills they need to cook delicious, nutritious meals with ease.

Talya loves helping transform the lives of clients & students by sharing cooking skills, nutritional know-how, personalized Ayurvedic education and coping strategies to foster a healthier relationship with food.

She lives in Santa Cruz, CA where she teaches yoga, works as an Ayurvedic practitioner, and leads food-based cleanse programs.

Rebecca Bass-Ching, MFT is a licensed psychotherapist who is passionate about helping people heal their relationship with their body, food and their story.

She is an expert on disordered eating, trauma, identity, shame and relationship issues.

Rebecca is the Director of Potentia Family Therapy in San Diego, CA. She is a writer and she regularly speaks at schools, churches, businesses and organizations on topics related to food and body issues, culture and media, trauma, identity, relationships and shame.

The next session begins October 23rd


  • 4 Weekly Teleseminars
  • 4 In-Depth Weekly Workbooks
  • Weekly Recipes & Tips from Talented Chefs & Nutritionists
  • Optional Evolutionary Partnership Groups
  • Access to Our Private Online Community


“Cultivating The Sweet Life is a beautiful and inspiring course for living a more healthy and radiant life! During the course I became more conscious about the food I eat and I’m still experimenting with new variations of salads and smoothies. The course material is not only full of useful information but is also colorful and beautifully designed.”
~ Barbara Szorad, Psychotherapist, Coach, Yoga Teacher
Copenhagen, Denmark

“Melissa is a high integrity woman with the skills to empower you to make lasting lifestyle changes. She has had such a positive influence on my life.”
~ Cylleria Johnson, Holistic Health Coach 


“Cultivating The Sweet Life has been healing on many levels. Melissa has so much deep wisdom to offer. She has created a beautiful experience for women everywhere. I am so thankful for the course and her loving guidance.”
~ Miriam Carl, Treatsoap


“Cultivating the Sweet Life was such a rich experience for me, and continues to be. Melissa provides amazing tools for creating the most nourishing habits for your overall well being. I encourage anyone interested to dive in and enjoy the transformation!”
~ Tracy Young 

“Melissa and Natalia brought grace and radiance into my life. The strategies presented throughout the course to break old negative patterns and shift to a higher consciousness of self love and integrity were both beautiful and gentle. The addition of delicious, cleansing foods brought an awareness of the direct connection between my mind, body and spirit and the importance of nourishing all aspects of myself rather than just one. The radiant, positive, energy in both Natalia and Melissa is evident through their work and support in encouraging a deep transformation. Their love and guidance has been unprecedented on my healing journey. I am grateful to have been blessed with Cultivating the Sweet Life and these amazing women!”
Kari Larson

“This experience was one of the best that I’ve had in a long time. The pace of the course was so well put together. I fell in love with the peace of mind that the program allowed me to feel. It also gave me the push I needed to feel empowered as a woman, mother and overall person of Life! Thank you to everyone involved and especially Natalia and Melissa. You Women Inspire, and you know how to make others feel loved and nurtured.”
With the deepest of Love and Light,
Stephanie Loa

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