Love Notes

“Melissa holds a really sacred space for anyone sifting through their emotions. With her I am inspired to really go deeper and search out the clarity that is so important in these times.”
~ Cassie Champagne – Maui, Hawaii

“Melissa & Natalia are both high integrity women with the skills to empower you to make lasting lifestyle changes. They have both had such a positive influence on my life.”
~ Cylleria Johnson, Holistic Health Coach 

“Melissa embodies grace and compassion. She understands people deeply and has an inner reserve of strength and effectiveness. She has impeccable integrity and lives a life in service of the highest expression of truth. She is beautiful inside and out–a vibrant expression of love and life!”
~ Anitra Cole

“What I love about Natalia is the congruence between her life and her life’s work.  She lives her truth and quite courageously and passionately shares it with others. Her knowledge of food and nutrition are boundless. Where she takes it a step further than most, though, is the impact those food choices we make have on us spiritually and emotionally.  Working with Natalia to shift your food thinking, choices and goals is a powerful combination that will, for sure, raise you to your next level.”
~ Wendy Elwell, Conscious Creations

“Melissa was such an angel during my pregnancy and during my postpartum time. I was in a rough spot during my transition to motherhood. Her sweet, nurturing presence helped smooth the way for me. Through her listening ear, warm wisdom and experience, and her swift helpful actions, I felt honored and cared for in this important initiation.”
~ Jaya Sat Kriya

“Melissa has an amazing heart. She tunes into what you really need on a soul level and supports you to achieve your deepest desires. By the end of the experience, ideas you considered idyllic concepts have been transformed into fulfilled realities.”
~ Revi Schlesinger, Co-Founder, Kids Organic Ubud, Bali

“Natalia helped me connect to raw foods that were intuitive and accessible. Her ingredients, recipes, and methods helped me integrate uncomplicated raw foods as part of my weekly eating. She helped me to find foods that keep me balanced emotionally and physically—and that means I can give my whole self to my health counseling clients, encouraging other ladies to eat to thrive and find healing and balance of their own.”
~ Liz Schau, Holistic Health Coach

“Melissa has a beautiful gift of creating a safe haven for one to go deeper into the core of emotions. I have always felt so held by her.” ~Tracy Young

“Melissa is a bright light in this world. She inspires me to grow with her grounded, caring and non-judgmental energy.”
~ Karina Louise, Photographer

“Melissa was the first person I worked with who treated me like there was nothing wrong with me, only seeing my highest self at all times. Through her love, guidance and positive reflections, I was finally able to learn to trust my intuition and discover the beautiful truth waiting inside me.”
~ Susan Marjanovic, Somatic/Shamanic Dance Facilitator, Living Love Wellness

“Natalia is very knowledgeable about nutrition, a talented chef and a great teacher.
Her food is divine.”
~ Ishvara Michelle Buice, co-owner, mi Pueblo Restaurant

“I embraced Raw Food when I met Natalia. I added this knowledge to my culinary toolbox, incorporating Raw where I saw fit. There was so much to learn from the science to the spiritual. It wasn’t until I decided to take a raw food detox for 30 days that I really felt the physical affects and my emotional connections with food. I really learned my cravings and had to battle them. I felt lighter both physically and mentally than I ever had in my lifetime on that detox. Natalia always respected each person’s approach in their food journey. With Natalia as a guide through her delicious recipe books my foodyness would follow her anywhere.”
~ Jerah Coviello, Ecopreneur, ecovogue365

“Melissa is a truly inspirational woman. She has a skillful way of encouraging genuine transformation and renewal. Her guidance is a long trusted source of counsel and support.”
~ Jacqueline McGinty, M.Ed., Nutrition Educator – Boulder, Colorado

“I whole heartedly recommend Natalia’s classes to everyone. Her support is a great tool for using raw foods in a more flavorful and enjoyable manner. I am now skilled and confident enough to dive into my library of raw recipes, thanks to her!”
~ Laura – Denver, CO

“Melissa’s support has been such an enriching part of my healing process.”
~ Michelle Weiner, M.A., Mental Health Counselor – Swan Lake, New York

“Endless gratitude and appreciation for the delectable raw food. Natalia’s recipes are an amazing and delicious blend of textures, flavor, and color. The absolute finest raw food I have ever tasted! Even the vibration of the food was noticed….I felt nourished on many levels.”
~ Joy Yackley, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

“Natalia helped me get back on track, adding more raw food to my diet, which has made me feel so much healthier and happier! She helped me remember how easy preparing raw food was, and that raw food can be fun and delicious.  Her desserts are AMAZING!”
~ Ann Meredith, JD, MBA and author of “The Baby Dilemma”

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