Integral Counseling with Melissa Geiger, M.A.

Reawaken Your RadianceReclaim Your Power.
Reveal Your Potential.
Reawaken Your Radiance.

Each of the trials we face can overwhelm us to the point of shutting down, or they can inspire us to step into new levels of resourcefulness and resilience. Finding the right support can make all the difference.

I work primarily with cancer survivors and new mothers. I offer a warm, supportive environment and a diverse blend of tools and techniques to support you in adapting positively to these major life changes.

I hold a Masters degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. My clinical background includes training in Gestalt, Hakomi, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and a number of other modalities that honor the somatic and spiritual dimensions of the transformative process. My work is a synthesis of these different approaches.

The heart of my work is about resourcing—helping you recover a strong connection to the source of your vitality, power and creativity.

Together, we bring focused, compassionate care to the parts of your life that are in need of transformation.  I help you develop skillful ways of shifting out of emotional reactivity and into compassionate, grounded responsiveness.

“Melissa holds a really sacred space for anyone sifting through their emotions. With her I am inspired to really go deeper and search out the clarity that is so important in these times.”
~Cassie Champagne   Maui, Hawaii

“Melissa embodies grace and compassion. She understands people deeply and has an inner reserve of strength and effectiveness. She has impeccable integrity and lives a life in service of the highest expression of truth. She is beautiful inside and out–a vibrant expression of love and life!”
~ Anitra Cole   Berkeley, CA

“Melissa was the first person I worked with who treated me like there was nothing wrong with me, only seeing my highest self at all times. Through her love, guidance and positive reflections, I was finally able to learn to trust my intuition and discover the beautiful truth waiting inside me.”
~Susan Marjanovic, Somatic/Shamanic Dance Facilitator

Supporting Mothers-to-Be 

One form of work that I am especially fond of is supporting women through their passage into motherhood. Becoming a mother is a profound transformation that involves a loss of your old identity and life, and the birth of a new way of being in the world.

In my work with mothers-to-be, we typically focus on

  • honoring this time as an important rite of passage
  • becoming more comfortable setting boundaries and asking for what you need
  • preparing for the post-partum changes your body, soul and relationships will undergo
  • cultivating a strong sense of community around you
  • stepping into motherhood with strength, grace and support
Single moms and LGBTQ parents welcome! Sliding scale available.

“Melissa was such an angel during my pregnancy and during my postpartum time. I was in a rough spot during my transition to motherhood. Her sweet, nurturing presence helped smooth the way for me. Through her listening ear, warm wisdom and experience, and her swift helpful actions, I felt honored and cared for in this important initiation.”

~ Jaya Sat Kriya

I see clients in Berkeley, CA (within walking distance from the Ashby BART Station) and I also work with many international clients through phone or Skype sessions.

My standard rate is $110/hour. (Sliding scale available for clients with demonstrated financial need.)

Contact me to get started.  I’m available to answer any questions you might have. I’m happy to book a complementary 15 minute exploratory call to see if we are a good fit.

Melissa GeigerMelissa Geiger, M.A.

My work is rooted in a deep love for the natural beauty and integrity that unfold when our we consciously tend to our deeper needs.

I am passionate about supporting women in realizing new depths of resilience and resourcefulness in the face of major life transitions.

You can read my recent blog posts here and you can also find me on Facebook.  I would love to connect.

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Although I was originally trained as a therapist, I utilize a positive psychology counseling/coaching model in my private practice. Rather than working with mental illness, I currently work in the field of holistic mind/body wellness. 

If you are looking for psychotherapy to address depression, anxiety or other mental health concerns, I have many wonderful colleagues who I can refer you to.

“Melissa has an amazing heart. She tunes into what you really need on a soul level and supports you to achieve your deepest desires. By the end of the experience, ideas you considered idyllic concepts have been transformed into fulfilled realities.”
~ Revi Schlesinger, Co-Founder,
Kids Organic  Ubud, Bali

“Melissa has a beautiful gift of creating a safe haven for one to go deeper into the core of emotions. I have always felt so held by her.”
~Tracy Young

“Melissa is a truly inspirational woman. She has a skillful way of facilitating genuine transformation and renewal. Her guidance is a long trusted source of counsel and support.”
~ Jacqueline McGinty, M.Ed., Nutrition Educator   Boulder, Colorado 

“Melissa is a bright light in this world. She inspires me to grow with her grounded, caring and non-judgmental energy.”
~Karina Louise, Photographer,

“Melissa’s support has been such an enriching part of my healing process.”
~ Michelle Weiner, M.A., Mental Health Counselor Swan Lake, New York


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