Private Sessions with Natalia KW

It is my pleasure to guide you on your journey towards true nourishment.

Raw foods work their magic when integrated properly and sustainably—for your unique lifestyle.  When these foods are practical to prepare and at the same time, deeply pleasurable, you discover your sweet spot.

I support women who are ready to treat their bodies like the beautiful, glowing temples that they are.  It is these women who know that including living foods as a daily habit brings them more vitality, joy and true soul satisfaction.

Since there is no single model that will work for everyone, together we craft your master plan to success with raw foods.  Whether you would like support on a cleanse, want to find a way to bring more simple raw foods into your busy life or aim to reach 100% raw, I will work with you to uncover the unique steps necessary to reach your goal, with plenty of pleasure along the way.   

When I began integrating raw foods into my diet, I was amazed at the deep transformation that occurred, in both body & soul.  My entire world brightened in every way.  It is this profound shift that I wish to share, knowing that you deserve to experience the bliss that follows true nourishment.  

sample support:

    • how to handle the detox process while cleansing
    • where to begin with raw foods
    • discovering food sensitivities and remaining satisfied without your triggers
    • answers to all your food preparation questions
    • tips on making food preparation faster & easier
    • menu planning ideas
    • integrating raw & cooked foods
    • traveling in the raw

your choice of support:

  • 1 – 45 minute kickstart session $60
  • 2 – 30 minute sessions + unlimited email support over 1 month $120
  • 4 – 30 minute sessions + unlimited email support over 1 month $195

Are you ready to take your health & happiness to the next level? Please contact me to schedule a call.

“What I love about Natalia is the congruence between her life and her life’s work.  She lives her truth and quite courageously and passionately shares it with others. Her knowledge of food and nutrition are boundless. Where she takes it a step further than most, though, is the impact those food choices we make have on us spiritually and emotionally.  Working with Natalia to shift your food thinking, choices and goals is a powerful combination that will, for sure, raise you to your next level.”– Wendy Elwell, Conscious Creations


“Natalia is very knowledgeable about nutrition, a talented chef and a great teacher.
Her food is divine.”
-Ishvara Michelle Buice, co-owner, mi Pueblo Restaurant 

“Natalia helped me connect to raw foods that were intuitive and accessible. Her ingredients, recipes, and methods helped me integrate uncomplicated raw foods as part of my weekly eating. She helped me to find foods that keep me balanced emotionally and physically—and that means I can give my whole self to my health counseling clients, encouraging other ladies to eat to thrive and find healing and balance of their own.”
– Liz Schau, Holistic Health Coach 

About Natalia KW

I’m a pure food chef and author on a mission to inspire a global awakening around our food choices and the profound impact they have on our physical, emotional & spiritual health.  I work with restaurants and private clients all in the name of changing the face of healthy eating—making it more accessible and pleasurable than ever before.  I am the author of three cookbooks: Pure Pleasures, Cupcake Heaven & Raw Food Juice Bar, filled with satisfying and sustainable living food recipes.

The foundation of my work is conscious nourishment—helping you cultivate awareness of the foods that truly serve your well-being in both body & soul.  With this essential awareness, we can make our highest foods choices.  Since many factors contribute to your unique needs, I do not believe that there is only one perfect diet for every individual.  I do however believe that everyone can benefit from a diet high in living plant foods. It is these foods that bring us to new levels of health, happiness, vitality and radiance.

I am currently training with The Four Winds Society, as a practitioner of shamanic wisdom and the healing arts of the ancient Americas.  Combining these timeless teachings with my live food experience, I am honored to bring a uniquely holistic approach to my work.  Nourishing Our Radiance has become a new outlet for me to share my work on a deeper level, connecting the path between physical nourishment and emotional & spiritual health.

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The information I provide should not be construed as personal medical advice or instruction. Clients should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well being. The information and opinions provided are believed to be accurate and sound, based on my best judgment, but readers & clients who fail to consult appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries. 

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