Fulfilling Raw Meals

super stuffed peppers

I’m often asked about the meals within the raw realm that will satisfy a deep hunger—for those times when a salad just isn’t going to cut it. When my appetite gets like this, I sometimes reach for dehydrated foods like pizzas & wraps—but when you haven’t planned far enough ahead, dehydrating is out of the […]

Loving Kindness + Living Foods


Most of us were not raised on green juices & green smoothies. I personally grew up on a diet of mostly processed food. Lots of high fructose corn syrup & mysterious ingredients with names that I still can’t pronounce. Back then, “healthy” meant Diet Coke & Lean Cuisine. Here’s the thing—when we grow up stuffing ourselves […]

Conscious Comfort

Miso Soup

What’s your ideal comfort food?  You know, that dish you come back to, time & time again, when both your body & soul are searching for nourishment? For years, my go-to comfort food was macaroni & cheese.  No, not that orange, powdery “food” from a box—this was the real deal.  Pasta shells with a blend […]