Sweet Satisfaction


As we’ve been running our Cultivating the Sweet Life course over the last few weeks, I have found myself inspired to refine my own self-care & nourishment practices. We’ve been exploring conscious comfort foods and avoiding those foods that just make us feel out of balance. I’ve been changing my relationship to sugar lately, knowing […]

Giveaway: Artisana Organic Foods


Today we have a delicious giveaway from one of our favorite raw food companies: Artisana! Their organic nut & seed butters are a raw food kitchen staple. From their simply perfect raw almond butter to the decadent & creative cacao bliss, we have loved every single product we’ve tested (which happens to be all of them)! […]

Green Love

Green LOVE

The time has come for everyone to fall in love with greens!  Leafy greens like kale, spinach & collards are finally getting the attention they deserve.  Dare I say, they are even trendy?  Whatever it takes to get more people on board with vitamin & mineral rich salads, smoothies & soups, you won’t hear me […]