Fall Inspiration: Cultivating Warmth & Golden Cashew Chai

warming spices

Cultivating warmth during the Autumn months can do wonders for our well being and help increase immunity. These three simple daily practices help to keep a sense of warmth when the days are cold and crisp. Light a candle upon rising each morning and before going to sleep. Beginning and ending the day with candle […]

Cardamom Rose Almond Milk

Cardamom Rose Almond Milk

Roses have always been a favorite flower of mine. During my childhood, my mom wore rose oil perfume and the scent and sight of roses have always held a maternal quality for me. This fall, as the last of the roses begin to bloom, I stand in awe of their beauty and fragrance. They invite […]

Simple Spring Cleanse

Simple Spring Cleanse

Happy Spring! As the weather begins to warm up, Spring can be a great time to cleanse your body from the heavy foods and more inactive pace of the cozy winter. Participating in a juice fast or master cleanse, or eating a raw food diet can be a quick and effective way to deeply cleanse […]

Giveaway! Cultivating the Sweet Life


We are giving away 3 spots in our online course, Cultivating the Sweet Life! Valued at $149 each, this course is a combination of transformational teachings, self-awareness exercises, restorative self-care practices, luscious raw recipes & community support. We wanted to make our course available to a few women who otherwise couldn’t afford it.  We are so […]

Practicing Kindness

Cultivating Kindness

“We cannot change anything unless we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.” ~ Carl Jung In my experience, harsh judgment has not been an effective strategy for producing anything other than pain. When we get caught in the downward spiral of self-criticism, we quickly lose touch with our power and resourcefulness. We collapse […]

Tending to Life


A few years ago, I decided to leave the San Francisco bay area and move to a little town called Rough and Ready. Yes, seriously. It’s a real town. And I chose to live there. I had decided to give country living a shot & I was determined to learn how to grow my own […]